cracked an egg under my broody :( SOOOO sad.


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Aug 28, 2013
So I was trying to place some straw under my broodyand one ofthe eggs rolled and smashed on one side. Its just the hard shell that is smashed, but within minutes the hen rolled it and dented the smashed part in against another egg, but still not breaking any menbrane. I'm pretty sure if I leave it she will pop it all over the others, and I don't have an incubator. So I probably have to make the hard decision to let it go to sleep. What else can I do? I tried the wax repair but the damage is too much.
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So do I just set it out to let it go cold to die then? I feel terrible and don't want it to suffer.
Dump wax all over hole and wait it out the egg may survive
It seems to me you have two choices. Maybe three, if you have an incubator. You can: put wax on the hole and give it back to the hen and take your chances. Or, try to repair the hole and incubate it and take your chances. Or, dispose of the egg and concentrate on the others when they hatch. You are the only one who can decide which choice to make.
I made the choice to let it go. After all I didn't even expect them to get this far. It was an experiment to see if my hen would hatch some eggs that an older feller gave me from his black copper marans. The egg that cracked was from a blue copper which I own 2 blue hens and a splash roo so I can get more of them. If it was one of the blacks I would probably have cried ad there are only 5.

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