craigslist score! Smart Cart frame!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by onthespot, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. onthespot

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    Mar 29, 2008
    Riverside/Norco, CA
    Woot!!! Got a Smart Cart frame for $35 yesterday! Called the Smart Cart rep and he said that the frame, plus shipping, would have cost me about $290. I have the plastic tub already that fits it, was just taking my time, looking for the frame. This is what it looked like on Craigslist. You can check them out on line. BEST cart ever made. Cost a bit, but they last for EVER and have a lifetime warranty. Smart Carts dot com
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  2. MrsChickendad

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    Jun 18, 2008
    Lennon, Michigan
    Now ya gotta fill that sucker up with Mille Fleur cochins! And take a picture! Congrats—I love a good deal!

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