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  1. chickenboy7c2d

    chickenboy7c2d Songster

    Mar 10, 2010
    Surrey, England, UK
    Just made some sort of crazy, random creation. I used a box made of wood and chicken wire and put braches, grass clippings and hay inside it. It looked like a bit of a scramble but when the chickens went inside they made themselves a nest, a perch and a little snack area. They love it. Have any of you made a wierd thing for the chickens that works?

  2. MareeZoCool

    MareeZoCool Songster

    I made a DIRT BATH, I used an old straw basket,12"Hx18"lx12"W, poured 2 small bags of plain potting soil in the bottom. The flock has their indoor bath for all seasons! They love it & take turns, watching each other as they wait for their turn.

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