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Jul 12, 2011
I'll admit up front that I'm not entirely sure of this pullet's parentage. Clearly she's half Silkie. If the Silkie is her mother, then her father is, by elimination, Cream Legbar. (At that time I had two Silkie roos and one Cream Legbar roo.) If the Silkie is her father, then I have no idea. (I have a lot of hen breeds.) Is there any way to tell? Your thoughts welcome.

Note: She's larger than a bantam, more like a fat light fowl.
One of the silkies has to be the father because if the CCL was the father the chicks would carry one barring gene from him. This hen is not barred therefor the legbar is not the father.


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Oct 8, 2019
Northern Virginia
Cream Legbar roo over a black double laced Barnevelder gives me what?
Barnevelder roo over creamlegbar hen?

Any sort of sex link? Assuming no for Legbar roo maybe fr barne roo?
Are chicks at all sexabke or no
Colors at hatch? Vs purebred barne?

Edited to add I have my own answer lol someone hatched out some of my eggs
The barnie too x Legbar hen are sex links


Do you have any images of eggs the resultant pullet/hen above (Barnevelder Roo x CL Hen) produced? Curious what they look like. Assume olive/green?

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