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    There you go -- biology 101....funny -- and perhaps you did find something that would give an avenue to roosters.....
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    People in the city don't understand chickens (for the most part). They live in neighborhoods with cookie cutter houses where everyone has the same floor plan, same appliances, same landscaping, etc. Anyone that does not conform to the mold is considered an "annoyance" according to the HOA or City ordinance.

    I went to a City Council meeting in Flower Mounds, Texas 8 years ago where they were trying to pass a city ordinance to require that Drilling Rigs use sound mitigation equipment to keep their operation in the City limit under 75 dB. The sound consultant that was work on this went to some of the drill locations at night to measure noise levels to see how far away from the site the sound traveled. He reported back that the crickets and arcadia in the woods around the drill locations were measured at 85 dB and that the rigs were not any louder than natural noise in the area. The citizens driving the ordinance claimed that the tone of the rigs were a high pitch and more annoying than the white noise of the arcadia and wanted the sound consultant to find a way for them to legislate the 85 dB "shrill" noise from the rigs but allow the 85 dB natural noise. Is that like allowing their dog to bark at 2:00 AM when they let it out to do its business because it is a sound they are familiar with, but not allow a rooster that is no more noise and banning it because they are not used to that sound?

    I know that in Salt Lake City that when the Bangerter Highway went in, to build the infrastructure for the Winter Olympics, that citizens near the highway demanded that walls be built along the highway to block the sound of the 24/7 traffic moving near their homes. The citizens won out and concrete walls were built on both sides, but the result was that the sound reverberated between the walls to where the noise from the highways was louder in the neighborhoods. The citizens then fought to have the wall taken down but they had already cost the city money once and proved they hadn't done their homework so instead of spending more money the walls stayed in place and they had to live with the reverberating sounds. It sounds like with the only good reason being sited for rooster as "increased nutritional value of egg" which obvious has no science to back such a claim that the people in Fort Collins are doing the same thing as those in SLC that required a wall to block sound; legislating on a whim with out doing their homework first to see if science actually backs them up and with out any fact checking involved. They are on a course to make bad legislation if their practice is to side with uniformed citizens that just like to make rules to conform everyone to their cookie cutter way of thinking. I really hope this gets stopped.
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    I am so sorry to hear this,[​IMG] It makes me wonder how the people felt when they out lawed Chickens in the first place. When and why did they do that in the first place?

    When you go to the meeting I recommend you sit on an Ice bag and bring bag of humor with you ... Because I found talking to city counsel is a lot like telling my goat to stay out of my roses. It seams like the more common since you bring to the meeting the more you confuse them. They are sitting there with important information like "That is what other towns are doing" They will never find the peace they are looking for in all there laws and regulations... But, go and try It will make you feel better knowing you spoke up. I agree a pile of signatures and a cool head it your best tool. There are plenty of reasons why roosters should be allowed, and plenty of laws already, that cover a nuisance situation. They do not need to out law roosters! I sure hope it works out for you and your CL's
    Oh , my older CL Rooster chick doodled for me his fist time this AM[​IMG] I enjoy the sound of a rooster, He was so proud of himself !!
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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read up on other who have successfully won the fight, one that comes to mind is the Chicken Chick She champions for others fighting no-chicken laws in their community and may have some helpful links or examples for you. She has a direct neighbor who has been fueling the nastiness with her city council. She purchased additional adjacent acreage to give her property "farm" status and the neighbor is STILL going after her.

    WOOT WOOT handsome boy! He's growing in nicely!

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    Nope, not giving up without a fight and am super-proactive.

    Just got off the phone with the State NPIP tester from CSU (since they listed CSU as being on the focus committee that made the decision) and she knew nothing about it and will pursue things on her end to see who initiated it and who was in the focus group.

    I also contacted my closest neighbor--the one that said my rooster is charming. Not only did they confirm that my roo is a non-issue with them, but she did not receive the post card at all. I have sent her the link to be more aware. She is not happy.

    I further have contacted a vet friend with roosters who lives just over the city line in the county and may get annexed some day. She is friends with the Director for the Larimer County Humane Society and will see if she can help out on that side.

    So its not a done deal but is really making me mad! Thanks for the link!
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    I have to chime it for a second on a couple of things...

    1. If you are running your 23 ac as a business and having to claim so they cannot put you into a higher tax bracket. I have 6.4 ac and am ag exempt because the cattle and poultry are a business. As long as you can prove you are adding to the Agricultural system via beef for sale etc again they cannot take it away. They just think they can...hate to say this is it time for a "LAWYER"????

    2. If noise is the complaint and that is what they are trying to control then why do they not do something about the dog that barks all night? A rooster may be a little annoying to some but it does not set off your alarm system that something might be wrong.

    I just get PO'd at politicians and government when they are doing stupid things because they want $$$$$.
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    Ok, so one of my hens is being picked on and is getting her feathers ripped out. Wha can I do to help her? I can't free range though due to my dogs.
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    I have a few hens that are quick molters. They drop all of their feathers all at once it seems rather than losing one here and one there over 2-3 months (to where the slow molter never look raged during a mold). Have you seen hens pecking the feathers, or does the hen just have lots of bald spots? If the hen is just balding then she may be a quick molten (which is better for egg production that a hen that takes 8-12 weeks to shed all their old plumage).

    Feather pecking is usually the result of not getting enough protein in the diet. They will eat the feathers of the other birds to get protein.

    I go from 16% protein to 18% protein about the middle of August for laying breeds (and a little higher than that for dual purpose type birds). Hens need more protein when they are growing new feathers in the fall than they do in the spring and summer.

    Aprons is also an option to protect feathers from getting ripped out. Below are my Basque hens with their aprons on. The aprons kept the feathers looking really good this fall.

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