Cream Legbars

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    Quote: are we talking about fear driven stessors?
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    My personal experience with Marecks is once you get rid of it you do not have it again without it coming in on a carrier. The best way is to not hatch for 1 year. By then all exposed birds have died and the virus has died in the environment without a young host. I never had a survivor of this disease. I have not had a case in 15+ years. Maybe I am just lucky. I do not vaccinate.
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    Oct 17, 2013
    Out of 23 birds I've only had 3 young CL show symptoms, though I'm not sure if this is Marek's until I get the necropsy back early next week. They each were under stress as changing pens and heat source situations. It was strongly linked to stress that most of them handled and a few didn't.

    I had a thought about chick down color. I have pullets from a rooster that had gray (not brown) chick down, and a hen that is about the most gray base color hen I have seen. Her down was also not a very warm tone. This pair produced pullets with very gray base color. I wonder if the rooster's down has anything to do with the base color of his female offspring.

    My brown based girls had a definitely warmer chick down color. Now I have two little roosters I probably won't keep in the long run... because I'm not keeping any roosters anymore.. But they're from a rooster that is cream and had brown-ish chick down, and a hen that had colder colored chick down. One of these baby roosters is brown-ish chick down (kind of silvery blond) and the other turned out to be the much colder gray tone.

    I'm wondering, maybe chick down isn't an indication of cream vs gold but the tone of the body in females he or she will produce?
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    Just reading Sigrid van Dort's book on genetics. She said that the color of the chipmunk stripes indicates if the bird is silver or gold. So - white chipmunk stripes - silver base...yellow chipmunk stripes gold based. Not sure anyone has paid much attention to the chipmunk stripes as yet.

    Also Punnett's original paper on Cream Legbars stated that there are at least 3-variations in chick down color.... He shows these in the last plate of the article...and just at this second I cannot find the link - although it is B&W on the internet - I actually have that original color plate. Punnett didn't say anything that I recall about the chicks down color leading to one or another appearance. Pease stated that the Cream Legbar chick down should " look as the gold legbar" - and the PCGB standard has written in that the chick down should look like the silver legbar.

    Do you think this is a bit confusing?
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    Oct 17, 2013

    But we don't want either a gold base or a silver base, do we? Is there another option or am I just confusing what silver and gold based are?
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    That is a good point. Originally we were thinking that the chicken needed to be gold, and the ig (inhibitor of gold) gene turned the bird cream...
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    I don't feel that the stripe color indicates gold or silver.

    I think we have mostly determined that we DO have a Cream Legbar-type bird in the US even if the coloring is a bit off still. ALL chickens are either gold based or silver based with other genes on top of that giving them their unique coloring. Cream Legbars are gold based. Double dose of the recessive "cream" gene dilutes the gold to the color we are aiming for. The red modifiers/autosomal red are a different beast entirely.
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    Whew, I finally caught back up. Personally the larger body of the Cream Legbar is part of the reason I am interested in the breed. A good number of eggs + a body big enough to feed us when they are culled.
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    Hi Da
    good to see you again!

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    Any breeders in Indiana or close?!

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