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  1. promiseacres

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    Oct 1, 2012
    I put my trio of cream legbars in with the flock 2 days ago....they are 4 mos old. And seem super docile and no desire to jump in and eat at feeding times. Even the roo runs if hen comes close though he did stand up to another 4 month old roo. They spend most their time cowering in a corner. :( is this just their personalities? I kept them in a dog crate to introduce for several days. The others mostly ignored them. Am making sure they eat.... I didn't expect them to go outside yet Bc they didn't have access before but them hanging in a corner is getting old.
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    May 11, 2012
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    Give them a few more days. Do you make sure they are roosting with the others at night? Helps them be more included the next day.
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    Mar 3, 2012
    If they aren't roosting with them at night what I do is right after dark I move them to the roost with the others and after a few days they will continue to roost with the others on their own.

    I have noticed that my CL pullets are lowest in the pecking order in their specific coop. It Goes Wyandottes, Cochin, EE, then CL. It took quite some time for them to get along. They have been in the coop with the others for 3 months now and still get picked on, they are last to eat and drink. I do think it has a lot to do with they are still the youngest they are about 7months while the others are 1-2years old. So age could be at play also. Just keep a close eye and give it more time, they may need days, weeks or even longer to be part of the flock.
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    Oct 1, 2012
    good to know, will try putting them on the roosts after supper tomorrow. They did eat with gusto when I stood by them and kept the other more aggressive ones away. They just give in if another chicken came over to share the bowl, silly chickens. None of the others are being nasty just normal chickens.
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    Jun 29, 2010
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    Just felt like posting since I'm home on another snow day.

    So far I plan on keeping 4 CCLs and my White Sport. Still not sure how I will manage all my pen set ups but.....

    2 boys) I'm keeping Macbeth, and for now, the 2 younger more darkly barred juveniles. Though I think I like the older of the 2 as his comb is nice and straight in the front and does not have any folds. It moves just a wee bit to the side in the back but I want to see it once it warms up as I've noticed the cold causes the combs to flop or turn more than in the warmer weather.... kinda like Philodendron leaves and how they curl so tightly when temps get below freezing. I'll probably cull the other later this spring but he is still way too young. I just am no sure about the dark overall tone of these and how tight the barring is but maybe once he grows out it will be preferable to me. I'm thinking I may retire Macbeth once I get a nice male from mating him to my younger pullets from last year.

    1 boy) I'm keeping the oldest that got the best reviews across the pond. He has the less distinct barring and though he has a bit of a fold in the front the comb is dead straight otherwise. He may go into a pen with the 2013 GFF females to start.

    1 boy) I'm keeping one of the boys with the barring I like the best. He has a straighter comb than the other I have posted before but has the more spaced barring that I prefer but it is not as evenly barred as it could be so needs lots more work but I do prefer the spacing between the dark gray and white areas and the overall tone of the bird. The other boy's comb is just too floppy even for the weather, it will be too severe in the warm weather.

    1 boy) I'm keeping the Sport to see if I can hatch anything from him and the girls. If it comes to naught he'll be culled by summer. They will be the first I separate out along with just the Splash Marans.

    2 boys) Black Copper and Splash Marans

    I canceled an order for Ayam Cemani and the only other birds I'll pick up this year are the Rees birds. I'm going to concentrate on just these 2 breeds for now, and I'm not planning on doing any EE mixes or hybrids. I have a couple of Jubilee girls and 2 black and 1 blue double laced barnevelders that I am going to free-range with my gold Cream Legbars and any other culls I make in my cream flock to create a layer flock or maybe do local trades for ducks or geese... not sure yet. Just keeping my plate full enough so I have time and money for other things I want to do this year.
    I"d like to end the year with 4 CCL roosters for next year. A pair from my own line and 2 from the Rees line to see grow out but one never knows where everything will end up by then. I think I would like to build one more big coop and pen also........

    ETA: the husband usually has veto power over the rooster population.... he keeps mentioning something about target practice being an option [​IMG] , he's just joking.... I think.
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    Sep 19, 2012
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    Heehee....DH has been taking too many looks at my freezer camp aka the bachelor pad lately, and we're giving DD an archery set for her birthday...I hope the only target practice at our house is the foam cube lol. I understand the hardship of choosing boys, but at least I've found some small farms who will take the ones not chosen.
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    Oct 16, 2013
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    Sorry this IS a dumb queston but what breeds do you cross to get CREAM LEGBARS???
    I can't find the cross any where [​IMG]
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    Dec 22, 2011
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    You cross Cream Legbars with Cream Legbars to get Cream Legbars. :)

    The Cream Legbars is a pure breed just like a Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Wyandott, Cochin, Silkie, Etc. are all pure breeds.

    They are not a hybrid like the Red Stars, Cinnimon Queens, Golden Comets, or Sex-links that require you to keep two separate foundation breed to cross to create them.
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    Oct 16, 2013
    Luther, OK
    Ok thanks!
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    Sep 27, 2012
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    Hi - I'm a little late to this discussion, just wanted to add that my CL have always run with a mixed flock, and held their own. They may not rush in at first, but they do figure out how to integrate, and end up at various points in the pecking order. While they are generally not aggressive to other birds, they can be feisty, not to overlook cute and quirky and carefree.

    Since your trio has a roo, the pullets are mostly following his lead. Sounds like he is cautious. And I find it useful to add another feeder for each roo.

    As someone else mentioned, if they sleep together in the coop, it seems to influence cohesiveness.

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