CREATIVE OUTDOOR IDEAS ~ Roost - Feeders - Decoration


Jul 25, 2016
I have 16 girls and 1 rooster. I just build a huge fenced in run area for my girls.
I need ideas on unique roost ideas and things to keep my girls happy and content!!
If you guys could post pictures, that would be so awesome!!

Have no run myself, but have seen swings,

square wire framed laid on ground with grass seed planted (or other stuff). The grass grows but the wire keeps them from completely destroying it,
Vines (flower or vegetables) growing on sides and top,

Containers with sand and ashes in it for them to dust in.

Logs to jump on

rope to tie a cabbage ? or lettuce, something chickens like to eat

tubes large enough to walk thru

My free range chickens love to have bushes and low growing flowers etc to hide under. Helps when hawks come or if one is a baby that is chased by rooster or the wrong mother hen.

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