Crevecoeur chickens

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Jun 9, 2016
I picked this guy up yesterday at a sale. Everyone thought he was a polish, anyway, I'm wondering if he looks like a quality bird and where I could maybe find him a girlfriend if he is. I had looked for these guys for awhile but couldn't find any. He is a very handsome guy and doesn't seem aggressive or overly flighty.
He does look like a decent bird, and yes he is a polish, he is a Black Crested Black polish. His crest seems a little small, but that could change over time. You could get him a girl if you like
Hi gypc84 - Just wondered if you had any success finding this rooster a girlfriend. He looks like my own "mystery bird" and I'm fairly sure he's a crevecouer. We discovered a few weeks ago that he was, in fact, male and I quickly relocated him to my dad's house until we could take him to auction. BUT my dad fell in love with the silly bird, and would like a girlfriend or two. I have no idea how to find more! The Amish farm I got the fertile eggs from no longer has this kind (darn!) so I'll gladly take suggestions on where to look. In Lancaster, PA.
I know this is an old thread, but I have a flock of birds that look like this. There's also blues in my flock. This season, I used a rooster that was half houdan on my hens, so I'll have 5 toes in the flack for awhile. Just reaching out to others with similar birds.

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