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May 29, 2007
New York
As some of you may know, my first time hatching chicks (broody method) was a huge FAIL and an overall pretty bad experience (clumsy hen). Out of 15 eggs only 4 hatched. Out of the 4 that hatched, only 1 survived.

The survivor is Cricket - 1/2 Polish, 1/2 Silkie, hatched May 15th. Lovingly named due to the soft chirping, small black body, and after Chinese beliefs about luck.

I decided to put together this thread to show case Cricket's growth and to share pictures and stories of this little one:

Just Hatched <3 :

(^^^ the red is just a reflection off the heat lamp)

1 day old:

2 days:

(^^^ the brown is just a reflection off the heat lamp)

(^^^ I borrowed another chick from a friend to keep Crick company. Bernadette is a French Black Copper Maran - the two are the best of friends!)
I am hympostized by its CUTENESS! Awww! Can I have it?? <3
1 Week old:
(It was such a HOT and sunny day, I let the duo out for a few minutes to soak up some sunshine):

(^^^ Wing feathers starting to grow in!)

^^^ Two-Legged Race! LOL

8 days old:
(Warm day, but too breezy to go outside, so I let them explore my room - not without putting down some towels and paper of course!)

^^^ Look at those wings and tail! Man, how quickly they grow!
(Brown tips? Now, who is your momma little one?- lol. I am very curious to see how Crick's feathers grown in/the color and pattern).

10 Days old:

^^^ "I am THIS BIG now!"

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The leg roost can't be beat! Cricket has the eyes of a Silkie.
Haha! Very true. Crick has the funky toes too!

Awww how adorable! You better keep Bernadette too ;D
I know! I'm going to have a hard time giving Bernie back... I really hope he/she can stay. The agreement was to borrow until the others eggs hatch and none hatched, so..... ??? I might have to make them an offer, lol. ;)
Oh no... I think I have a little boy...

Today the chicks were acting a little fresh and wound up in their brooder - they were jumping, flapping their wings, darting all around. All of sudden Cricket pounces on Bernie. Bernie shoots forward, startled, and turns to face the attacker. Crick then squares up, staring at Bernie, then stretches upwards and proceeds to "spar." Bernie looked confused as could be, Cricket settled down, and within a moment the two were running around wings-a-flappin again.

Ugh, of course I'd get a boy out of this. So much for luck - lol

(I do have a hen who, when just introduced to the flock, would spar out when my dominate hen approached her though... Hmmm.... Yeah, I should over thing and look for excuses. I'm just going to give myself false hope...)

Oh well at least he's adorable :)
My chicks did that even though they were hens, the ones that did that were just a bit bossy.
So there's still a chance that Cricket is a girl.....

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