Oct 24, 2018
Hi lovely people!

I hatched out a Muscovy duckling last week, and he appears to be a little lopsided? He’s perfectly happy and healthy and eats like tomorrow will never come, so it doesn’t seem to affect him that way. He is however a bit slower than his sister and because he tilts to the left he doesn’t seem to have his balance as good as her.

When he hatched he was malpositioned and he was also late, I had to help him hatch eventually on day 35. He was born with a slightly funny looking foot but thanks to someone posting a video I was able to make him a little tape shoe and now it’s back to normal. The rest of him is however still a little crooked! Is anyone familiar with this?

Thank you!!

Tried to take a few pictures to show what I mean but it kinda just looks like he happens to be checking something out on the left, but that’s kinda how he always is
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