Crop full of air

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    I have a full grown Rooster with crop full of air. I can hear gurgling when he breathes.

    I've given yogurt to address sour crop. Today I gave hemp oil to soften any compaction.

    Any other suggestions/advice?
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  2. WillGriffin03

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    Massage the crop in an upwards motion while holding them upside down.
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    Does he have sour crop? Smelly, yeasty breath?
    What type of food/treats do you feed?

    Can you take a fecal sample to your vet for testing of cocci, worms and bacterial infection?

    Crop issues can be symptoms of an underlying cause like cocci or worms.

    Make sure he has plenty of fresh water, a source of poultry grit and give only wet poultry feed. You may need to treat with an anti-fungal/yeast medicine prescribed by your vet or you can try using OTC anti-fungal/yeast medicine as outlined in the article below (there are plenty of threads here on BYC about sour crop as well).

    I recommend that you read the entire article before you start any treatment methods.

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