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Could someone please give me some information on the best way to "make" a chicken take olive oil and how much to give? I've only ever syringe-fed hungry baby exotic birds, and this is my first chicken medical issue.
Details: She's a Rhode Island Red that's been lethargic since Monday, but I did not diagnose crop impaction then. Gave her vitamin water where she could get it where she was, but she was walking a little then too. Tuesday I had to work most the day and could not observe her. Today, I've had her in the house (dog kennel) to encourage her to drink and eat. Mutes have been runny and sometimes bright green. Crop feels full though I know she hasn't eaten in 2 days besides the tidbits I gave her this morning. Some mushiness to the crop, pliable, but solid pieces inside. I didn't notice it until I went to change papers a few hours ago and felt the very full, swollen crop. No malodorous breath, lots of panting.
So, my instincts have said to massage, maybe vomit? maybe surgery? I've been reading the past couple hours that say those are options, but I'd like to try the olive oil first. I just don't know how to give it to her. No yogurt on hand, but I do have ACV, (and some very sour almond milk that's waiting for trash day to be thrown out. :p)
Thanks in advance for any help.
You could try putting it in a little applesauce, it's how I give meds to my chicken.

It will be late tomorrow before I can get back with any applesauce, but I'll try it and let you know. (I gave her some bread this morning before I realized the condition so now I'm worried about giving her more even with oil on it -- or maybe just feeling too guilty. hmmm.)
I managed to wrangle about 2.5 mL through a syringe without harassing her too terribly. Too much? Not enough? Dose again how soon? What do y'all think?
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I've read that gentle massage up and down and circles may help also alittle warm water may help. I think 2.5 cc of olive oil should be adequate..maybe 3 cc of warm water ((couldn't hurt I would guess)) Hope she comes around, don't give her anything sour, it may cause her more harm than good. Excuse my ignorance but what are
mutes? do you mean her stool, bright green sounds bad, like an infection of some sort...wish I could help more but all I have left is:hugs
Mutes, yeah, stool. I moved her to raptor status by calling her poop that.
Bright green isn't good with any bird, but at least it's only come out that way just a couple of times. Mostly watery, very scant white or grey/green usually.
This morning her crop was smaller, but I can still feel something there along with a very grainy feel. Still pliable. I try to work the mass with my fingers. I'll try the circular motion more. Since her crop was smaller I gave her about a tablespoonful of olive oil in as little bread as could hold it all, and she took it down. Immediately gave a poop, so that's good, right? Things are moving?
Her condition is stable, so I'm not calling a vet yet. Just networking as many chicken minds as possible right now.
I don't have molasses on hand, but I do have honey -- the good stuff. Raw, filtered, local, in all it's honeyliciousness. I know that honey can be good for moving GI tracts in humans, but do we know of any hazards with giving it to chickens? Intuition tells me that it will be alright and work maybe as well, but I want to ask the forum first. Thanks!
Last night I tried to get her to regurgitate without any results. This morning there were some green poops and the tiniest egg I've ever seen (smaller than a quail's). There was nothing inside the egg either. I gave her as much scrambled egg (cooked in olive oil) and bread dipped in water this morning that she would eat. She takes a few bites and gets very tired. I was given some watermelon last night that I've been mashing (no seeds) for her too.
So, her crop size has drastically reduced by the time I got home this evening, but I'm not sure if there's something still left in there that's blocking. She's still panting a lot. Emaciating. I syringed about a teaspoon of olive oil because she's refusing anything soaked with it. Massaging every so often. Grainy feeling inside with no discernable (sp?) masses. Will try putting honey on some bread in a few minutes.

Have I miss-diagnosed? I was wondering if she had been egg bound, but her condition by this evening is still weak. Any suggestions from the forum?

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