Crop problems in 12 week old bantam


5 Years
Sep 22, 2014
Norfolk, UK
We have a young bantam which we've had for 2 weeks which regularly experiences a full crop which feels like a water filled balloon. I have massaged her crop periodically when she looks uncomfortable and she brings up the liquid and this temporarily relieves the problem. We have gone back to feeding small amounts of chick crumb mixed with a growers pellet in small quantities. She is housed with 3 other bantams of similar age. This seems to be a recurring problem. The lady we purchased them from has offered to swap her, but my 9 year old daughter loves little Lavender. Anybody experienced this before and anyone know how best to treat this? Thanks!
She could have a bacterial/yeast infection in her could go to your tractor supply store and hope that the person is experienced with chickens and ask what would be the best medication as they usually do carry some, or go to your vet. As it sounds, she appears to have sour crop.
Welcome to BYC. Is there really a problem with the crop, or is it just full and squishy? Does it empty by morning? You have to be cautious with massaging a full squishy crop because they can aspirate the fluid into the lungs and die if the crop is really full. Is the chick having any other problem such as diarrhea, standing puffed up, or a poor appetite where coccidiosis may be the real problem? A puffy slow crop can be common with coccidiosis, and cocci is common at 12 weeks, and when moving from one soil to another by exposing them to a new strain. Corid or amprollium would treat cocci. Sour crop comes more from eating something like grass or a piece of food too big to pass, and then it rots in the crop causing very sour breath and crop contents to be vomited.
The crop had not emptied overnight and she looked uncomfortable. Having brought it all up she seemed much brighter and was busy scratching around for food. I've now separated her from the others so I can keep a close eye on her droppings. She has taken some chick grit today and her crop feels a lot less squishy. I read up on cocci as you suggested and will keep this in mind. She is very bright and chirpy, not listless at all. I'm waiting patiently to inspect any droppings :)

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