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I don't have pics, but most of those are easy to predict. Your black cock is probably extended black, which is a dominant thing. Black and blue will give 50/50 black or blue. There's no such thing as a blue splash, it's either blue or splash. if she's splash, all the offspring will be blue.

The cuckoo and barred hens will yield sex link chicks. Males will hatch with a white/cream spot on the head and feather out barred. Females will have solid dark head and be non-barred. They'll both be black, basically.

The buff is the only color where you'll get something besides black or blue. Buff is complicated genetically, but it usually holds it's own against black. What you wind up with a lot is a bird that's gold-ish on the front, blending to black on the back. You can look for pics of an Australorp x buff, or a barred Rock x buff. In the case of the Rock, mentally remove the barring (white stripes) and what's underneath is what your birds will look like.

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