Crossing my fingers. Put the chicks in the coop today!


7 Years
Feb 10, 2012
LaSalle Ontario Canada
got most of the finishing touches on the coop done today so In the chicks went. I am SO happy to get them out of my house!! Working too hard to get pics LOL. They Love their coop and I made them a dust bath that they enjoyed. I decided to open the pop door because the birds are really timid and I figured they wouldn't go out anyway. Well, 4hrs after opening the door, as I was putting dinner on the BBQ a few decided to venture out. I nearly decided to eat outside to keep an eye on them. They were fine though and by the time I was done dinner they were all back in the coop (Really glad I didn't have to chase them in!).

So, all in all a good first day in the coop. I am still a little concerned about night time. Temps are dropping into the 50's. But, I closed up the coop windows and most vents to keep the heat in and they have been without a heat lamp for a few nights already in my unheated mudroom. I am crossing my fingers they will be OK. (I will put the heat lamp in tomorrow night if necessary)
it's a great feeling to get them situated, they are fun for a few days and that's about it! Much better outside. When I moved mine out it was nice, then dropped to below freezing with a snow storm, but there snuggled together and were fine.
First night out is a big move for you and them. They usually want to go back to the brooder the first couple of nights. Some will fuss if they don't have a light of some sort. You'll probably check on them a couple of times and wakeup early to check again. As long as they have a draft free, predator proof coop they will be fine.

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