crossing Sexlinks(black stars).


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Oct 20, 2010
Hello, all my name is Mazhar and this is my first post. I want to know what would happen if I breed black star roo with black star hen, I mean what would be the traits, will the f2 hens still lay good number of eggs, and what would be the color, and like that. I m very curious but I just dont know anything about genetics
. Any help would be great.
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Their offspring would not be sexlinked so you could not be able to tell the males from females at hatch like you could with the parents, but I imagine the hens would be about as good layers of probably the same colored eggs as their mothers. And since with sexlinks, the roo will be het. barred and the are not barred so breeding them together will give you F2 chicks that are about half barred and have non barred of both sexes and i would the non barred ones to be mostly black and I would expect varying amounts of red leakage.
I'm certainly no expert on genetics either, but I have some experience with Black Stars(Black Sex-Links, Rock Reds, Red Rocks & other names). Since the parent stock is a Barred Rock Hen and a Rhode Island Red Rooster, the offspring is barred males and black with some red(especially in the hackles) females. If you bred sex link to sex link you really could end up with anything from what appears to be a Barred Rock to what appears to be a Rhode Island Red and anything in between. As far as sex goes you wouldn't be able to sex them like you would the first generation offspring of the original parent stock.
thnx for answering both of you
. Well at least they would produce good eggs
, but I dont like the fact that they wont be sex-linked, well then, I think theres no point of breeding the black stars together then.
Still, it would be fun seeing the different colors in the f2 generation.
Yep, its a bummer but sexlinkage only works in the first generation. But if you just want eggs then your black star hens would still be great candidates to breed with other breeds of roosters to produce more great egglayers, just not sexlinks.

Here is a very in depth explaiation of how sexlinkage works,

here is the Sexlink thread were I put a basice explaination and some of my own results when I was crossing for sexlinks.
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Thnx again Rareroo
, that pinned thread greatly explains about sex-linkage and such. btw, hows your speckled sussex roo? I saw it in the link you gave, really beautifull and handsome roo you got there
. Have you hatched some pure bred babies from him?
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You're Welcome

Sadly I lost that particular roo a few weeks ago but I do still have an other roo and 8 hens and I have a bit of any egg list started already when ever they get back up and running and I will be selling eggs again if all goes well.
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