Crowing volume between a bantam and a standard...


7 Years
Oct 19, 2012
Basically just wondering if the smaller bantam variety roosters crow as loud as the standard variety roosters? Just found out we have 3 bantam roosters (not hens as we hoped) and my wife wants to keep one of them. We rest of our flock consists of 7 standard size brown egg laying hens (about 5 weeks old now). I told my better half that maybe we should give away all 3 bantams and get one standard rooster but now I am thinking that if the bantams aren't as loud, then maybe we should just keep one of them. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
I have a banty BR roo and 5 full sized boys. One is silver laced, and 4 are black copper marans. Trust me, the banty is Much quieter!

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