Cure for cats on the counter?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by obxWaMi, Oct 29, 2009.

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    I am tired of dodging strips of duct tape, sticky side up, on my kitchen counter and my dining table. My three kittens are now just over 5 months old and about to drive me NUTS! Sometimes it seems like my house is a race track. They run at top speed from room to room, zooming down the hallway and barrel through the living room bouncing off every piece of furniture. They are now investigating the tops of the kitchen counters. I have a dishpan full of mealworms up there and I caught Honey (the instigator) standing with all 4 feet in the pan with them. Titan and Bleu are the followers, but no less guilty. We also have spray bottles positioned around the house to spritz the offenders, but they are wise to those now.

    Any ideas??? Anything they don't like the smell of?
  2. Funky Feathers

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    I have found that a water pistol works great for that. [​IMG]
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    I have heard baited mouse traps. Ouch! I use a spray bottle with 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar on stream mode. They don't like that. But the sneaky ones come back anyway
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    [​IMG] You might have to keep introducing more exciting things to explore.

    Try boxes or paper bags (handles cut off)
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    aluminum foil
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    Cats (in general) don't like citrus. they make sprays specifically for cat repellant that are strong citrus.


    Squeese a lemon peel to make it "squirt" on the counter.
    It keeps mine away from the piano legs.

    then give them catnip on something the CAN get on.

    Secondly, put 6 or 8 small stones in a soda can and "duck" tape the top so they don't come out. leave then all around the house. when you see them beong bad, you wing one in their general direction. The "racket from GOD" is a deterrent, that should usually work after a few tosses they will learn to stay away.
    It only works if you use it ONLY for being on the counter. Don't over use the can thing for EVERYTHING they do because they will soon associate it with YOU instead of the bad behaviour.

    Good Luck!
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  7. Rare Feathers Farm

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    SCAT MAT! [​IMG] It works wonderfully and can be easily moved around to "surprise" them. I upgraded to the plug-in version because mine had a battery drain issue. I got mine off eBay for cheap!

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    Glad you posted this question - I have two bad kitties also!

    [​IMG] from Virginia!
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    Upside down snap traps are supposed to work. They go off when kitty hits them, snapping up, making noise and scaring kitty silly. You put them upside down to keep the cats safe. The other one I've heard of is balloons taped to the counters, and they work for the same reason. Personally, I think the balloons would be bulky and annoying.
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    And beating them with a news paper [​IMG]

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