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Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by countryfarmlife, Jan 21, 2014.

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    Dec 17, 2013
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    I received 22 day old chicks on December 18th. 13 Silver-laced Wyandottes and 9 Ameraucanas. I asked for 6 female and 1 male Ameraucanas and they sent me 9 Ameraucanas.

    I am curious as to just what I have. I bought 9 chickens from a hatchery that advertised them as Ameraucanas that lay green eggs. After reading on the internet and getting books on chickens, I am now curious as to if they are Ameraucanas or Easter Eggers and if they are going to be roosters or hens. I am leaning towards Easter Eggers as their legs are more green than blue slate.

    This is a little chick that I am most curious about. From what I have been reading I am guessing it might be a rooster as the feather development is a lot slower than the other chickens. Ameraucana or EE? These photos are at 5 weeks.

    Here is 2 photos of the black white chicks. One has salmon colors on it's back and wings. Ameraucana or EE? Roosters or hens? You can really see the salmon color in the upper chick in the lower photo.

    Here is a photo of 2 chicks I have that are black brown twins. Ameraucana or EE? Roosters or hens? And the 2 light colored chicks in the background, they started out yellow and have the orange feathers on their necks with white or slightly tinted feathers on their backs.

    Any help in ID'ing if these are Ameraucanas or Easter Eggers and rooster or hens would be appreciated. Remembering they are only 5 weeks old, I realize it is hard to tell exactly what they are.

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    Those are all EEs, but I can't guess yet about sex.

    EEs are super fun, you will enjoy them!

    As to sex, the best way is to look at their combs. The ones with larger redder combs will probably be male, but it is still a guess, not 100%, maybe 75% accurate if you go by the comb.
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    Your chicks are actually all Easter Eggers, I gotta say, they're my favorite birds! I love the different colors, of both the birds and of the eggs.

    The first guy looks to be a rooster to me. That brighter feather coloring is male, and I believe the comb has three rows. Pea combs general have a single row up the middle for hens and a triple row for males.

    The black and white ones are always tricky for me. I just can't tell one way or another yet, but I'm leaning toward rooster on the bird pictured by itself.

    The twins are female.
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  5. Lady of McCamley

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    Yes...totally agree with the others...all Easter Eggers...the Chicken Chick article is excellent for explaining the differences...Ameraucanas will never lay green eggs, so you know they are Easter Eggers by hatchery claims and by the coloring.

    My guesses right now are the top 3 photos are of a male....the top white/black of those chicks is a male...and the bottom 2 partridge duck-wing twins are female.

    Males will be patchier, more like a quilt, in their coloring...females will be much more evenly patterned.

    There is a good Easter Egger sexing thread here on BYC, which one member condensed into a "Cheat Sheet" here:

    Nice birds...have fun with them.
    Lady of McCamley (currently only 2 EE's amongst my flock...who should be laying soon...come on green eggs with my ham!)
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    They are Easter Eggers. It looks like the first bird is a male, and the black and white one may be too. However, it will be easier to tell when they get older-- I'd recommend posting pictures of them in a few weeks. By that time, we may be able to tell the gender.
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    Mar 19, 2012
    Your first little guy is likely a rooster. That rust-colored patch on his wings almost always means a male.
  8. BantamLover21

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    Jul 24, 2013
    I agree.
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    I do not agree with you all. They just look like mixed breeds. But very pretty, though.
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    Why don't you agree? Firstly, EE = mixed breed, so you are right that they are mixed. These are classic EE chicks, right down to the fluffy cheeks, willow legs, pea combs, and color patterns. Add to that the fact that the OP expected Ameraucanas and EEs are what people usually get when they order "Ameraucanas" from a hatchery, I think it's pretty conclusive.
    I agree with donrae. I've always found my black and white EEs to be male, however. Watch for red or white patches on their shoulders, that's classic male EE coloring.
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