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Mar 24, 2018
Thank you! I would prefer for it not be super expensive but I'm more concerned about it being safe. I wish I were more handy. I had hoped to make my own coop but my husband and I just are not. I would like to have something safe and secure for now and then I can mess around with building my own coop at some other point.


Mar 22, 2016
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You can find some nice prefab coops that are safe and some that are not quite as safe. Take into consideration also if you will be free ranging or enclosing your flock. Free ranging presents it's own difficulties with predators. If you will be enclosing a run use hardware cloth for fencing. At the price of some prefab coops you'd be better to take your time and hard earned money to build your own, knowing it was done correctly.
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Nov 27, 2012
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My Coop
My Coop
Can anyone recommend any place that makes coops in New England? Has anyone used in Maine? Thanks!
I would not use them, they don't know how to design a chicken coop.
Looked at a few....nests up high, not ventilation...bottom hinged windows.
All red flags, IMO.

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Just read your avian vet, wow, what a great addition to our tribe here!!
For the immediate needs of your Orp, this a pretty good prefab(the only one worth buying IMO)

But continue your avian studies here by learning about the kinds of space chickens need before buying a coop. I'll post some links to get you started.


The inside details:

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