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Apr 24, 2015

Hello BYC! I wanted to go ahead and open this thread again early to see if there would be interest in our handmade, wood-burned ornaments featuring your breed of chicken, duck, or any animal in a simple design. They make great Christmas gifts, and unique pieces for your tree, so I wanted to make sure to post in advance of the holiday season.

These pieces of wood are Poplar, and very light-weight. I have attached photos of some of the ornaments we have made in the past (not just animals). I do not use stencils, and draw everything on by hand.

If you'd like a name instead of the breed, let me know please. This will replace the breed name you see in the photos.

  • WOOD-BURNED Ornaments are $3 a piece plus $4 postage for one = $7 (Or if you purchase more than 3, the postage is free!)
  • PAINTED Ornaments are $5 a piece plus $4 postage for one = $9 (More than 2, postage is free)

If you're interested in a painted ornament instead, or have any other ideas, please don't hesitate to message or comment. Please consider gifting these to fellow farmers and backyard poultry lovers you know!

I will add more photos as I make more throughout the year. Thank you for having a look and have a great day!

See past works at

ornament1.jpg ornament2.jpg ornament3.jpg ornament4.jpeg ornament5.jpeg
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These ornaments also make great tributes to beloved pet friends that may not be with you this holiday season. If you have a photo of them, I can use it as reference.

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