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My 6 girls are in a brooder in our masterbath as that is the best draft free place for them. we have had friends staying with us for a couple of months and they have three cats...I need not tell you what would become of cats if they should touch my in the bathroom they are.

I check them every hour at least and I always speak to them when I walk into the room. So I told husband...speak to the girls when you go in there...I do not want them afraid of you. So what does he do?

He walks over to the girls and says "Morning soon to be a sandwich!"

Needless to say....he was in the doghouse! I was ranting like a shrew about his insensitivities and telling him that the girls could be traumatized by him saying such things....he was smirking and laughing.

Later in the day he walks in there and goes over to them and say "Hi girls"...they all spread out around the brooder, sat and fanned their wings out (making themselves bigger) looking up at him. I snickered and said...

"Told you they were they are plotting your demise"

MEN! Cannot live with it, cannot sell them and cannot get rid of em. hehehehehehe



That's too funny! When I brought home my chicks..... which I had promised I wouldn't bring home any more pets...... I told my hubby if he didn't fall in love with them that he could deep-fry them in the end
Of course, I had no intention of keeping my word.... and he wouldn't have the heart to do it anyway.... but you should have seen the kids reaction
Of course, they know we're just joking, but it did spark a little debate.
hehehehehe cute. My hubby would not hurt these either...he loves brown eggs and all these girlies lay brown eggs.
He admits that they are cute....but wants me to spray them WD-40 because the 'squeaking' gets to him in the am. hahahahahaha He is crazy.
Cetawin, what a cute story...thanks for shareing! My dh always rolls his eyes, when I tell him the bator is cleaned and fired up again! LOL But...he was trying to tell me the other night.....95 sure seems awfull hot for those new borns...are ya trying to cook them already?? LOL Had to explain that all over to him.
d.k :

*Cetawin, around here (the women in my family, esp.
that saying goes: "Can't live with 'em, can't bury them in the backyard. . . . ."

hehehehehe my mother, sister and I always say "can't live with them and can't kill them and get away with it so might as well keep em'"
DH's can be soo funny sometimes. About 2 years ago when a dog got my chickens one was still alive but not going to make it I told my DH to take care of it but I don't want to know. Keep in mind he always complained about the chickens and said I should get rid of them. Well when he went to "take care of" the matter she looked him in the eyes and he couldn't do it - so he went and got the neighbor. Softie...

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