D’uccle mixes?

Julie dingman evans

In the Brooder
May 26, 2020
We would like a rooster, and are looking at a D’uccle for our bantam flock. We have a mix of girls mostly Cochins but also an EE, silkie and female D’uccle. Our area only allows a certain number of birds, but we want to breed our rooster. In order to not go way above poultry limits we would have to sell the chicks that we hatch. I am aware that mixes (besides EE) don’t sell well. I am wondering how well D’uccle mixes would sell and what breeds would be best to mix with- or if it would be better to keep breeding to D’uccle + D’uccle?
I have quite a few SU´ccles {SOO~CLAYS}. Serama and D´Uccle mixes. All cockerels. They are nice for pet qualities. I have never sold them, but if someone wants a bantam rooster they would love em.

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