Darn it...adding new eggs to already set eggs


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Apr 19, 2012
I'm a newbie and made a mistake. I have 6 silkie showgirl eggs (that were very expensive) that should arrive today. I have 14 polish eggs currently on day 11 in my bator now.

When it comes to lock down, I didn't realize I would still have to open the bator to turn these other 6 eggs. :( Can I make this work?
I know a guy who adds eggs and removes chicks from his incubator daily. He's hatching chicks all the time, no problems. Think you'll get away with it. Just make sure the humidity and temperature stays constant when the first batch starts hatching.
Awesome! I hope that is the case with these eggs! I'm learning a lot as I go. I actually think I had my humidity too high for the 14 polish eggs in there now. I was keeping it at 50-60% per the instructions but after researching on here, I should be around 40%. I am now at 45% and hope to keep it around there...
I plan to put the 6 new eggs near the edges so I can crack the top and roll them rather quickly during the other eggs' lockdown.
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I've been putting an egg a day in my incubator for the last 2 months and gettimg a chick a day with no problems. Getting over 95% hatch rate as well. :)

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