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Little bit of background here: I have been hanging around here, doing research before I go ahead and dive into the whole "chicken thing". Mainly because I could see myself getting slightly obsessed, and I want to know just what I am in for. I plan to get chickens next spring.

Anyway, while doing all this research I learned more than I wanted to know about corporate egg farms. I have been trying to purchase all my eggs from a guy I know who raises chickens. At least then I know they are from happy, well cared for chickens. The past week or so our schedule has been crazy, and I couldn't get there. DH got sick of waiting and had a recipe he wanted to use, so he went ahead and got eggs at the local supermarket. Desperate times and all that.

Last night I let my very pregnant self get over tired, over hungry, and over emotional (DH has been called up for flood duty, and leaves for more military training in a couple weeks, so I might not get to see him until late September). I decided to make myself some scrambled eggs to eat, but while cooking them I started thinking about all the mistreated hens who laid them, and started crying (remember, hormones, ok? I swear, I am not this much of a wimp usually). So DS (15) comes upstairs and asks me whats wrong. I am sobbing, and trying to explain to him about the poor hens. He is (understandably) trying not to laugh at me. I got mad, hit the counter with the spatula and declared "I CANNOT EAT EGGS THAT TASTE LIKE CHICKEN SADNESS!!"

The first thing I thought (while DS collapsed into hysterical laughter on the kitchen floor) was "Wow, that sounded waaaay less crazy in my head." I ended up having a bowl of cereal and going to bed.

I blame you, BYC, for turning me into an ethical egg eater!
Well, aside from your DS falling out, I want to commend you for doing your research.

I cannot eat eggs which taste of chicken sadness, either. I do love how you characterized it!!

Welcome to BYC, where you will be amongst like-minded folks!
Wow. You are so going to fit in around here. We all understand that statement.

I admit though though I probably would be laughing along with your DS. I can just hear you wailing it now.
Yup. You are totally going to love this group.
Next time we have eggs for dinner (glad to hear we're not the only ones who do so), I'm gonna' tell DH that they're flavored in chicken happiness
And good for you putting the horse before the cart when it comes to chickens!
Animal sadness taste bad to me in any form. I blame pregnancy for initially making me have such a distaste for any abused animals in my mouth...especially since it would go into my baby. I'm glad the distaste has lasted even now that my girl is 2 years old.
This sounds really good right now! Mmmmm homemade ice cream custard with super fresh happy egg yolks!
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ohhh my what do you do when you pour a glass of milk????

or eat that icecream?

our pregnancy hormones do strange things to us. I rarely eat eggs to begin with >strange huh?< but i purposly won't watch or read about how the animals are treated or mitreated for fear that i would starve to death in the interim. I know animals are raised to provide food, i accept this fact but that does not mean i need to see it in action or read about it. Those things are better left undisturbed by me! My ignorance >all be it selective< is my bliss!

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