Day 18

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    Why can't it be Sunday yet?!?!

    I started with 19 of the biggest eggs from my own flock of 8 RIR and 5 mutts (plus 1 RIR rooster) and discarded the infertile/dead during the candling process. It appears that about 50% were fertile and only half of those made it to lockdown. I had a temp spike to 105.x on Day 10 and a few of them became dark mush.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes out of the white egg & the egg just below - they are hybrid RIR/mutt and should look interesting.

    The air sacs seem small so I'm not going too crazy with the humidity and will keep it around 60-65. It says 46 because I had just opened the lid to arrange the eggs so they would be touching one another during lockdown.


    Golden mutt which is the friendliest out of the bunch as she is very social and loves to follow me around. When I first adopted the mutts she wandered too close to the house to visit the dogs, who promptly chased her and got a taste of her tail feathers. She booked off into the woods at high speed and it took me a few hours before I found her hidden under a rotting log 50yds in, still terrified. Surprisingly she has been fine ever since, but does give the dogs a wide berth.


    RIR Roo w/ white egg laying mutt

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    pretty mutts, I hav some hens that look just like that.

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