Day 25. Help!

Ms Steak

6 Years
May 6, 2013
UK North Wales
I have some bantam eggs in a home made incubator. It is now day 25, but last night 4 of the chicks internally pipped. Oh heck. You can tell I am new to this.

My humidity meter had died. Anyway, quickly put in a new one, just a probe, and the humidity was very low. I had to open the incubator to put in a wet cloth soaked in warm water, so now it is around 60%. I just can`t get it any higher. Last night I could hear some peeping, but that hasn`t happened for hours. How long is the longest you have waited for an outside pip?

I am too old for this!


7 Years
Jul 16, 2012
Ok if you heard peeping before and you dont hear it now and the humidity dropped than the chicks that were peeping are probably shrink wrapped in the egg membrane. I am afraid there isnt much hope for the chicks at this point... Sorry to be the one to break this to you.


7 Years
Jul 27, 2012
well wait there may still be hope. If you can open up a whole bike candling the air cell big enough that you can see inand get it look to see if baby is moving still or if it is shrink wrapped. If it is shrink wrapped and still alive there is still hope. I have tried wedding the membrane every 2 hours wrapping them in a wet paper towel and all of that but recently I found a trick that is absolutely amazing. Coconut oil it melts at 75 degrees and becomes water like I put a little on my finger and let it melt and drip into the egg and move it around so that the membrane looks wet. And as long as the egg does not drop below 75 degrees that membrane will stay fully moisturized. And the coconut oil will not hurt the baby its all natural and full of nutrients.
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