Day of Reckoning

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    Jun 11, 2011
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    I have one quail egg due to start pecking its shell today, and one chicken egg to start tomorrow. I have no idea if the quail is alive. The chicken egg moved this morning, so something is going on. I am new to this, so I started off small. I had 3 chicken eggs, and 1 quail egg to start. All were fertilized and growing well. Then 5 days ago, I found the incubator open:barnie It had been open all night. One of the kids wanted to show friends the eggs. They left the tray out on the floor, and the eggs were cold. When I candled them, one was dead, one had little movement, one was active, and I could not make anything out with the quail egg because of the spots. As days went on, I lost another chicken egg. So now I have what I hope is 2 survivors. I have moved them to my higher humidity incubator. I am thinking they will hatch a day later, because of the cold spell they went through. Has anyone had eggs without heat for 12 hours and still have them survive?
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    I have heard of folks who have lost power at certain points during incubation and still had successful, if slightly delayed, hatches. Hope this is the case with you.
    Sending good thoughts your way. [​IMG]

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