Daytime Goose Predator


Sep 27, 2015
Our great big Embden goose went missing today. We can't figure out what in the world happened to her. My guess a predator got to her. But, there is no sign of a struggle, dragging, feathers... We did not hear a ruckus. Also, my other birds (ducks and chickens and saddleback goose) don't seem all that spooked. She was there this morning, for sure, around 9am. Around 3 I noticed her missing. Her and the saddleback were inseperable, always come honking and running when you call their names and never wander to far from the yard. Any ideas?
We had a Pekin duck go missing this spring down by the swamp and all the ducks were clearly traumatized by that, as they have never even thought of going back. This goose was about double the size of the Pekin, so I guess I would assume a struggle, feathers, something?
She was a young goose, not even laying yet, only about 4 months old. Also, we don't have any male geese, so unfortunately we have to rule out broodiness. Would a coyote do this? I know for sure we coyotes in the area. Bobcats are a definite possibility, but have yet to get a sighting of one of those on our game camera. It just baffles me that there is no sign. She was a big girl!!
I agree with centrarchid.

I also agree that broodiness is likely out because of her age, but not having a male doesn't rule it out. Same with other poultry like chickens and ducks that often go broody without a male.
Set your game camera on a isolated part of your property set it up about 2 feet up,, near a trail , then about 15 feet out ,take an egg crack it and lay the shells about ,hardboil afew dig a small hole then aim the cam at the bait,Red fox urine or beaver castor also near the bait site ,this set up would allow you to see what slinks around and may give you a clue what may be responsible for the dissapearance.
Not exactly sure where you're from, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bobcat. Worse case scenario, you have a mountain lion in your area. I've seen one of my friends have a mountain lion go after a couple of geese at his place. Doubt it would be a mountain lion, though. If no feathers were left after, maybe something lured the goose away from your house. I don't personally have experience with geese myself, just a guess. Tough one.

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