DE for bedbugs - really?!?


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Jun 23, 2010
Westford, MA
So, I was hanging out, chatting at my local Agway today (something I won't admit to everyone I know). The owner and I got to talking about natural methods of worming vs. medication (we don't have worms, as far as I know, but I like natural methods!) and he swears by DE. That got us off on a tangent about all the exciting uses for DE around the house, coop, and yard.

Then he mentioned the dreaded word... BEDBUGS. The mere thought of them gives me the heebiejeebies.

Since there seems to be such an increase of bedbug infestations lately, people are calling him all the time asking if they have anything will take care of them. And he insists... DE. I'm flying to a city next week that was recently ranked in the top 5 of infested cities in the country (ewwww!) and I'll be staying in a hotel that insists it is bedbug-free, but one never knows... So I'm thinking of dusting my suitcase a with a bit of DE before and after, and maybe keep my suit in a sealed plastic bag?

Has anybody ever tried this on household items? Or heard of it being effective?


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Aug 18, 2010
I've had chicken lice before (from living in the mountains in Guatemala, not from my current chickies) i think they are similar to bed bugs.... anyways, it was annoying, but not the worst experience. im sure a simple dusting of DE back then would have worked miracles... though ....

i am not sure with "lining" ur suitcase with DE is the greatest Idea (think bag check at airport and suspicious dust in suitcase... u might not ever get to ur destination!)

if there was a non-threatening way to take a bit with you it would at least give u peace of mind in the hotel beds (a hot cycle through the wash machine & dryer should kill any u bring home) its the mattresses that are the biggest problem.

good luck!


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Jul 31, 2008
Recently when I traveled to Toronto for a weekend I stayed @ a hotel... I am a bed bug FREAK!... makes me want to vomit!

Keys are to know what to look for...
casings (shed bed bug skin)
bed bug poop (dried blood)
and where to look for this. between the box spring and mattress, by the head board, the night stand...

I packed my stuff in clear leaf bags and used the same bags to wrap my stuff in when i got home. took my clothes right to the laundry and washed them by them selves... my suitcase was put into another bag and totally sprayed..

dont put your suitcase on the floor or on the bed
use the stand in the closet.
dont lay your clothes on the bed when dressing.... hang them

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