Dealing with the heat


11 Years
Oct 30, 2010
I think Im losing my quail 1 by 1 to the heat. I have them all under a metal roof hanging about 4' off the ground,. I've lost about 6 in the past 3 weeks. I put a couple of box fans on top of the cages to help but I dont think its helping a whole lot. What do you guys think ? Should I try a more powerful fan or misters or something else? I keep them watered but I notice them all sitting around panting pretty hard. And my rabbits look like there hot too. I lost a few babies last week before I addd the box fan. I guess the question is what do you guys do? How do you keep your birds from overheating?
Not an expert here, just to clarify. If not already done, make sure the roof of the structure is well above the birds so that radiant heat doesn't transfer down. I am currently in Phoenix and it has been 100 to 105 here the last few days and my quail, although hot and panting have the extra shade above their structure so that they don't "bake" any more than they have too. The shade provided is about 3 feet above the top of their cage. "IF" any of this applies, I hope this may help cut your losses. "IF" it doesn't apply, well then just know that even a rookie wants to help sometimes.
Fill and freeze soda pop bottles, the larger the merrier. Then stick them close to the cage, or in case of the rabbits, just pop them in the cage, and they'll 'snuggle' up as they want.
You could make quail sized frog togs.
Seriously, maybe you could add some more wire sides or a mister. When mine get hot I give them a frozen water bottle to peck at, and when I have some, lettuce.
Well that was one thing i was lacking on . I did fill their sand baths and put a high velocity fan blowing across the top of their cages, Hopefully it will mak a difference. I hope the bunnies can handle the heat, Just had 12 born this morning. I need to make wire nest boxes for them im still using the wood ones.
My last kit was ready to leave mom for Easter...I haven't re-bred either of the does since. I'm so worried to breed them in this heat, I'd hate to lose one
You could paint the metal roof with that silver insulating paint. I just painted some on my old metal shed and it reduced the heat inside by 30 degrees!!!

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