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    We have 3 Black Australorps, 3 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Ameracaunas, and 4 golden comets that are one year old. We are planning to order our 2nd batch of chicks soon. We would like to get some different types, to experiment and to tell each year's chickens apart. We would like to get sex links this time as I found the rooster waiting game to be unnerving. We have learned that the different types, as a whole, have different noise levels and behavior. Our Australorps are obnoxiously loud. Wwwwhhaaaaaaaat! Wwwwwwhhhaaaaaaaat! It's bad enough outside, but in the coop, it's nearly unbearable. Especially a closed up winter coop. [​IMG] I fantasize about tying their little beaks shut.

    The RIRs are occasionally loud, the Ameracaunas are generally quiet unless hungry or thirsty, and the Golden Comets are so quiet and adorable.

    I prefer to get our chicks from Mt Healthy Hatchery because they are close enough to pick them up, which saves shipping $ and resulted in 100% survival rate last year. They offer a variety of other sex link chicks as well as the golden comets.

    My question (finally!): what are your experiences with the decibel levels of these sex links:
    Red Cross
    Black Sex links
    (I've found a lot of posts on BYC that these are aggressive, so we're not likely to get them
    Columbian Rock Cross and
    DeKalb Amberlinks


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