Decided to get 2 Pigs to raise!


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Dec 1, 2010
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2 weeks ago my Wife and I bought 2 60lb Hampshire Female pigs to feed out. This is our 1st time to raise pigs and it has been very easy so far. We have been feeding them 16% Pig Pellets and then a large pumpkin every day or 2. We did find out that they drink quite a bit of water and they can put food away as well. How many of you all raise pigs?

Here are a few pictures of them and the pen we threw together in a few hours.




LOOKS GREAT!!!We have 2 right now we are fattening up.. Thing we learned (not first time raising) is that the more fence posts the better! We have 4 t posts per panel. They find a way to push under after all the goody stuff is gone from their pens and it is just one big mud hole. Water source.... HAS to be either very heavy or really tied down or over it goes.... same goes for the feeder.... Our one hog is big enough now she will rut it all over the pen and then with all the rain we have had it is not so fun to go drag it back over the fence! They will eat most anything.. ours will not eat.. potato peelings or carrots. All other scraps are fair game. We also give them all the "discard" things after chicken butchering is done all except feathers... that's a no no... didn't want them to put 2 and 2 together cause the hens like to go over and eat what corn they can scratch up. They love deer carcasses too. So funny watching them hold a bone down with their feet and pull the meat off. VERY smart animals.

Mine do not like carrots either. They love old bananas and mushy pumpkins the best. What we did to keep them from rooting up around the fence was cut a wire on the bottom of the panel in the center and bent it out. we did this every 2-3 feet and they stay off the fence.; I built a small feeder and used fencing staples to secure it to the fence. They tried to tip it but they couldn't move it. I will take a picture of the bottom of our panels. When the pigs spill there feed through the fence my chickens will eat that. I haven't caught them in the pen yet but I probably will someday.

Yeah the bigger they get the more bored they become with their pen and want what is on the other side of the fence. To a pig the grass is greener for sure. Hot wire I found works great for them... we just didnt put any on the bottom of this pen.....


My pigs roam several acres. I have 9 sows and 2 boars, 5 growers, and 9 2-week olds. They are GOS pigs, except for 3 that are large black crosses.

Here is my 6 year old 800lb boar.
Nice looking pigs. I agree with otheres you need more T posts per panel. I would also consider a couple strands of electric wire on the inside. The electric wire is your best friend when it comes to keeping in your pigs. I know this picture is blurred but my pen has 2 strands of electric wire on the inside and it holds my 2 girls just fine.

Livingzoo, I had to do a double take of your boar to see which end his head was I love those big old pigs!

Nate, I wish my husband could "throw together" a pen like that! Give your pigs a flake of hay to munch on. It helps their digestion and pigs love to graze, but hay will do when they don't have grass. Nice looking pigs!
Jim and Dean are growing really good! How much do you all think they weigh? They have been putting the feed away that is for sure! that is a 1/2 of a 55 gallon barrel for an idea on size.


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