Deer camp chili

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    This is quick and easy. I call it deer camp chili because we were going to deer camp one year and forgot to bring along the chili my wife made for us. Since we always like chili I decided to grab some stuff at the local quick mart in the area and make what I thought would suffice.

    At first I used a can of Campbells tomato soup (like the can pictured) but later just used our own tomato sauce and haven't used soup since.

    The picture pretty much shows the ingredients, and the process is simple.

    Brown the venison burger ( or beef ) drain. Add all ingredients into a pot and then simmer till ready to eat. One other thing I like to do is drop in a package of hot dogs, then we have chili dogs to go along with it.

    How simple is that? [​IMG]

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    Good thinking and a great way to "make do"..........

    I will stand in front of the pantry or freezer and try the same...amazing what can be made LOL

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