I was told greaters. But short of a DNA test who knows for sure.I dont know about expert but I can hold my own on what I need to
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From the pictures you posted. Now these are only pictures. I would say they are on the greater side
.Problem is many magellans have a mixture in their bloodlines. Greater males are tall, long necked, males always clean
fronted ( no barring) in front and sides .Greater females deeper reddish brown. Her reddish bars are wider than her
black barring . Look for long legs in both male and female, and a upright carriage
refer to DNA....I do not know of any studies on sheldgeese DNA, nor the primers one would use....

I don't have magellans....m.y preference would be orinocos, ashy-heads, or rudy heads.....I do know several have raised both subspecies of magellans....just not where I want to focus...


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Thanks Roger. Im pretty sure they are greater. In reality this here fella couldnt care less what they really are .He makes alot of assumptions. And as for you Speceider just where do you want to focus? Focus on getting my goat?Check. Focus on being a jerk?Check. Obvious my PM to you went in one ear and out the other? So guess what I want to focus on now Mr scientist? Raising and enjoying my geese and all my other birds. Also helping people on here when I can . Enjoying friends on BYC and in real life.

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well said Shawn, enough of this thread chasing. If you dont like the opinions of breeders just ignor them and move on. But those that handle these birds on a day to day basis might from time to time actually know what they are talking about

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