Determining Gender

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No, I'm sorry; I don't believe anyone can determine the gender in the way they act; at least not for a while, probably. And as for the second question, I'm not sure, either, so I'll call in a more knowledgeable person! @casportpony. :)
Other than my legbars...I spend many a hour watching my chicks and guessing their sex based on their behaviour and my success rate is dreadful! So no I’d say it can’t be done but if anyone has a secret way to tell then share! :)
Chicken digestive system is about 12hours ..assuming chicks about the same but could be wrong!
Howdy, Welcome! No you cannot tell the gender by activity! You can usually tell by 4 to 5 weeks by the color and development of the comb and wattles. Here's a comparison photo of a rooster and hen at 6 weeks. Both are black giants. See the difference? This is what will tell you quicker than the way they act. As for how long to digest, I really don't know but I would guess no more than 24 hours.???

rooster & sister small.jpg

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