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Aug 30, 2020
Is there anything I can put on my chicken that is getting pecked that? We’ve gone through the isolation and swapping the two chickens and just want to be extra sure that we’ve done everything to prevent pecking! We have added a hanging cabbage, treat toy, pecking blocks, mealworms, throughout the last month to help them keep busy!
I heard of spraying the chicken with vinegar to tear the chickens who are pecking? any insight helps thank you ❤️❤️
I would keep them on my birds for several weeks - maybe 8-10 weeks. You want the habit stopped. Pecking can get to be a bad habit, that can be hard to break.

Some birds you may have to keep on them longer. I have never used them, but I would in your situation. Once they start pecking, they often times move on to more victims.

Another idea is to offer several hideout, platforms that birds can get under or on top of, and roosts in the run. That lets birds get away from each other. Set up a couple different feed bowls, set up so that when a bird is eating at one feed bowl that bird is hidden from the other feed bowl.

But once they start pecking, you really have to stop it. I am not a believer in separating birds, so I would go with the peepers.

Mrs K

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