Diatomaceous Earth - Human Use-dosage etc. WOW !!!!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Chicken Woman, Oct 26, 2008.

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    [​IMG] and here we go
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    why do you believe that DE has no benefit when taken internally?

    It's about 90% Silica, 4% Alumina, and the rest is Iron Oxide, so it's basically the same thing as eating some sand and a little rust
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    May 2, 2010
    I was just wondering. If it is bad to inhale, how does it affect the chickens? Their respiratory systems are sensative, and if they are rolling or scratching in it, doesn't that stir up the dust for them to inhale?? Are you handing out masks to your chooks?? [​IMG]
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    Jan 27, 2010
    Quote:It's about 90% Silica, 4% Alumina, and the rest is Iron Oxide, so it's basically the same thing as eating some sand and a little rust

    Hey, BFF, thanks a million for clearing that up for me. I ran out of FOOD-GRADE DE yesterday, so it's a big relief to know I can munch on that FOOD-GRADE sand in my chicken run right alongside my birds instead of spending all that money on another 25-pound bag. [​IMG]

    Yes, thanks, both my hens and I know all about the Placebo Effect:

    "When a medicine is prescribed or administered to a patient, it can have several effects. Some of them depend directly on the medicine's pharmacological action. There exists, however, another effect, that is not linked to the medicine's pharmacology, and that can also appear when a pharmacologically inactive substance is administered. We call it placebo effect. It is one of the most common phenomena observed in medicine, but also a very mysterious one.

    The placebo effect is powerful. In a study carried out at the University of Harvard, its effectiveness was tested in a wide range of disturbances, including pain, arterial hypertension and asthma. The result was impressive: 30 to 40% of the patients obtained relief with the use of placebo. Furthermore, the placebo effect is not limited to medicines..."


    Yum, think I'll try some sand in my morning yogurt tomorrow.
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    I'm glad that some smart BYC'ers are finally realizing that DE isnt the majical cure all that it's all hyped up to be!
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    I know that DE is not a magical cure all. But all the information that I find on it that is positive looks like a commercial. And all the negative information just basically says don't bother, it doesn't work. So I'm trying to find out a little more.

    For instance; it works great on bugs if its dry and doesn't work if its wet. How wet? I live in a very humid climate, say an average of 70% humidity; is that enough to 'deactivate' it? And if it is, does it work again if it dries out?

    Then there's the internal issues. Don't breathe it; the silica in it is not good for the lungs. But take it internally for parasites and to help keep your colon clean. But don't get it wet or it doesn't work. So is it the 'sand and rust' part good for our digestive tracts? I want to hear specific reasons why or why not.

    Now, I jumped in this old thread because I wanted to know if anyone takes it in capsules BECAUSE I hoped someone would answer that knows more about the biological information and exactly what part of the 'innerds' it benefits. The contents of capsules (that you can fill yourself, you know) are deposited in a different area of the 'tubes' we call our digestive system. That is really what I want to know. So, if anybody knows of a really good article that has straight forward information about why or why not to take it internally then I can decide for myself.
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    DE is a proven mechanical insectide and drying agent.

    No other uses have been scientifically proven.

    It only kills insects when it's dry, and if it's damp enough to clump together, it's too wet to work.

    If it dries completely, it will work again, but the odds of that are slim if it's on the ground.

    There are no health benefits to eating it, since it's comprised of harmless minerals

    Silica is the most common element in the Earth's crust, and is most often seen as sand

    DE is often used as a "marker" in testing other drugs in animals since it will pass through their bodies unchanged

    If you want to kill bugs, especially in stored grain, it works fine.

    For most other things, it's not worth the money

    On one of the many other threads about DE, someone posted a chart with the results of a test on goat parasites.

    They were claiming it worked, but if you actually looked at the graph, it showed the goats given DE ended up with more worms than the ones that got no treatment at all
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    Quote:Here where I live the conditions are about the same as you describe it does not work here for fly control no less flies after I have dusted with it I tried it for 3 weeks the best I can do is wait for the fly larvae to hatch and sprinkle it directly on them that works ( kina breaks the laying / hatching cycle for the flies)but it is far too humid here I live on the coast of Va. for it to do any good other wise. most days it is so wet here as I sprinkle it on the ground it changes color as it absorbs the wet from the ground.
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    aprophet. You're right about your weather assessment where you live. I lived in Va Beach and Norfolk many years ago. For some reason this year we had a bad fly problem as well and the humidity is terrible here, we live on the coast too, so I learned DE is virtually useless. I ended up moving my chickens to another pen and sprayed Raid in the primary pen. I sprayed 2 days in a row, then hauled in alot of fresh dirt and raked it all in, then moved the chickens back in with no issues at all, no more flies neither. I need to make a run up to the Tidewater area sometime in the future and visit my old haunts and friends lol. The last time I was there was in 1991 and I really didnt get the chance to drive around and check the area out.
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    in sacramento, need to buy this today anyone know where i can buy it ??

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