Did you know that your child could be in danger?

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    Several months ago, our 9yr old daughter who suffers from OCD, Separation Anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorders disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted by another child, a 10 yr old female.

    Here is our story in a Letter to the Editor after we discovered that no one can help us.

    In this day and age, you wouldn’t think that it would be difficult to prevent your child’s abuser from moving in next door to you. However, in our situation, that is exactly what has happened and the law is ill equipped to assist us in any way.

    In July, 2010, our daughter disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted. We immediately called Law Enforcement and she gave a statement and completed a forensic interview at the Children’s Advocacy Center. Over the next three months, she disclosed additional (and numerous) assaults by this same perpetrator.

    Our daughter continued to see her therapist and work with her Intensive In-Home Counselor. The goal of the Intensive In Home Counseling was to assist her in getting back into public school. Our daughter suffers from OCD, Social Anxiety Disorder and Separation Anxiety. This led us to remover her from public school and begin Home-Schooling in September, 2009. Recently, she had begun the process of re-entry into the school system. She was making visits to the school, participating in activities, reconnecting with the staff and reestablishing friendships. She had worked very hard to overcome her fears and her anxiety.

    Then, came a devastating piece of information. Her perpetrator was moving in next door. We immediately called Law Enforcement for assistance but there is nothing that they can do.

    Why you ask? Why in this day and age is a child not able to be protected from her abuser?

    Sadly, this is because her abuser is another child. No matter what my daughter has disclosed and continues to disclose, there will never be any justice for her because her abuser is a minor.

    This also means that she will not be able to re-enter public school, as the perpetrator will be enrolled in this school also. All of her excitement about being with her friends and being a ‘normal’ kid has been torn away. The thing that she worked so hard to overcome is no longer in her reach.

    Today, she sits playing in her room, when she would rather be outside playing in the sunshine, because her abuser is playing outside in their yard. Seeing this child brings her right back to all of the times that she was hurt. Every time we leave the house, we drive by their new residence. Every time we go to the fuel station or the store down the road, she scans the parking lot for their vehicle to make sure that they aren’t there.

    At first, she was a prisoner of her own emotions now she is a prisoner in her own home. Unfortunately, we own our home and in the current housing market and economy, it is not likely that we will be able to relocate in the near future. Our daughter loves her home, her pond, her barn and all of her ‘critters’ in the barn. She doesn’t want to leave her safe place. This is her home. She has already had so much taken away from her. Now, her safe place has been breached by the person who has hurt her physically and emotionally.

    I write this, not for sympathy. I write this so that other parents know that the law does not protect their children. The laws must catch up to the times where an abuser can indeed be a child. Be sure that YOU are your child’s best friend. Make certain that they know that they can come to you with anything. Let them know that you trust them and believe in them. This is the only thing that kept our daughter’s abuse from continuing.

    Just remember, our daughter’s abuser could be sitting next to your child in class tomorrow. Your child could be at a sleep-over with this abuser. This abuser could be visiting your home right now. And because our laws are so far behind the times, there is no way for you to know if your child is in danger of being victimized.

    I have begun a Facebook page dedicated to this issue. The issue of little or no protection for our children. If you would like to stop by and say hello, you can find it here:

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    Oh if that were me, I would be on internet ordering myself one of those gamecams with continuous recording to record my yard. If she set one FOOT in my yard, I'd be on the phone to the cops.
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    That is absolutely horrible. I just don't know what to say.
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    Im really sorry. Could you a restraining order on the kid? Im not sure how that works.
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    Soo.. they are doing nothing to the other child?
    No sexual offender treatment?? nothing??
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    So sorry to hear this...is it possible to put up a privacy fence to block the view of the other child?? I realize it may be too much to fence in, but still, maybe a little would help out. I hope she can feel a little safer in her home.

    Wow, I'm just devastated by this story...so sad.
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    Does the offender rent? Maybe you can talk to the landlord. Hugs to your family.
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    Your poor daughter, I can't believe those people would have the nerve to move next door to you. With parents like that, it makes me wonder what the other girl has been through herself.
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    this is so wrong i honestly dont know what to say, [​IMG] for you and your famly [​IMG] for a solution, no victim of any crime should be put in your situation minor or not. so sorry for your daughter [​IMG]
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    Child and Family Services. If the offending child is similarly aged it is a very bright red flag that she is very likely the victim of sexual abuse herself. A call to Child and Family services with a quick explanation that the child is acting highly sexualized and victimizing other children should bring someone out to investigate.

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