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  1. DH & I just signed up to go on a mini-cruise to Mexico in June with friends. Talk about motivation to lose weight! I need to get about 20 pounds off. I think I'll check out that Spark website too!

    Roosty: I highly recommend the Leslie Sansone walking DVD's. It's "walking" but with a kick. You get your cardio in. They are great! Target sells them. Here is a link to check them out online.
  2. OK! I joined SparkPeople. How do I find the BYC group?
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    Oct 2, 2008
    I have no will power and could use some support.

    If you understand the biomechanics of hunger, you will understand it really isn't a matter of willpower, but a matter of proper nutrition. Your body sends out that hunger signal when it is lacking in nutrients and essential fatty acids. You think you are being weak, but your body is malnourished even if you are overweight or just ate.

    How can you be hungry when you just ate? If you eat foods high in carboydrates, these rapidly breakdown in to sugar. Sugar spikes your blood glucose level and your body floods your system with insulin in order to return blood sugar to its normal range. Insulin is what causes you to store fat. It figuratively stuffs all the nutrients in to your fat cells. Meanwhile, your brain gauges when to send the hunger signal by what nutrients are floating around the blood stream. Well, insulin "hides" everything from the brain by stuffing it in your fat cells, so you get hungry again even if you just ate. This is what happens when you get hungry one hour after eating Chinese food, which is typically LOADED with carbohydrates.

    If you really want to drop 20 lbs without making yourself nuts, cut your carbs to less than 60/day. The ones you do get should come from leafy greens, the natural carbohydrates in full fat dairy, and the little that is present in meats.

    Whatever you do DO NOT go on a low fat diet. Fats are made of essential fatty acids. Essential as in YOU HAVE TO HAVE THEM for normal cell function. A low fat diet damages your thyroid, gall bladder, heart and worst of all, your brain.

    One of the worst mistakes I see people dieting make is to start eating salads to lose weight and then top it with no-fat dressing. Well, a bunch of those vitamins in that nice green salad are NOT BIOAVAILABLE without fat. So you may be eating something "healthy" but you aren't absorbing it.

    Here is a great article on fats

    Also remember to measure as well as weight. You can lose a bunch of inches and not see the scale budge.​
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    Okay I joined SparkPeople, my user name is Kellygreen01 on that site. I joined the BYC group also. I am excited to have some inspiration--I need to lose 32 lbs (yikes)!!
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    Jul 3, 2008
    I havent joined yet....going there now!!!
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    My husband and I are on WW. We were doing really well until he got laid off for three weeks. I like WW because it teaches me that it's ok that have a piece of cake once in a while, but if I do I need to watch what I eat that day and exercise a little more.
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    Ok so I just joined to figure out how to use it though....I joined BYC group user name is roxxc1

    Today 11:47 am OK! I joined SparkPeople. How do I find the BYC group?

    I think you go to start at the top left...and then on the right side about midway it says Join a it and search BYC and then click add team​
  8. Quote:I think you go to start at the top left...and then on the right side about midway it says Join a it and search BYC and then click add team

    Thanks! Found it! I'm morse03 on SparkPeople. The site is a little overwhelming. It's going to take some time to figure the whole thing out!

    I have done WW too coffeemama! It worked great for me the first time. I've done it again, but wasn't ready, so I flopped. I gotta find some motivation to get my butt going again. Maybe SparkPeople will help.
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    I too am trying to lose 20 pounds by summer. I lost 34 pounds two years ago and gained almost all of it back. I did it on WW. This time I am just counting calories (target-1800) and trying to get at least 75 grams of protein. I have also joined a gym.
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    [​IMG] everyone,
    My goal is to be healthy, if I lose wieght along the way great, if not that is ok too. I just bought a brand new pair of roller skates! [​IMG] So this spring , summer and fall you can find me on my lunch hour crusing the streets of Sidney, enjoying the sights and getting inspirations for my gardens. It really is a great way to check out other peoples garden ideas, and if they are out, you can stop for a chat and make new aquaintances!

    Edit: To old and busy to care about a bikini!
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