Difficulties of Peeling Homegrown Boiled Eggs

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    Since we are getting over three dozen eggs per week from our chickens, we are eating a lot more stuffed eggs (deviled eggs), boiled eggs, and other eggy foods. One thing that we have been noticing is that peeling a boiled egg from the store and peeling a boiled egg from the farm are two different ballgames. When ever we boil eggs, we always add salt to the water in order to make peeling easier and to avoid the annoying sticking to the shell. This has always worked well with eggs that we buy from the store. However, we still do the same trick with our home-grown eggs and they stick to the shells something terrible. Is there any remedy or trick that yall use to make the shell not stick to the egg white?

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    Also, old eggs peel way easier than fresh ones.
    That's why the store bought eggs peel so easy (they can be months old).
    If you have older eggs, boil them; otherwise the ice water bath immediately after boiling can help.
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    Yes that's right!
    The fresher the egg, the more difficult to peel......

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