disabled chick cure

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9 Years
Feb 7, 2010
I hatched a Crested Polish chick yesterday but it did not get out of the shell and it glue the wings onto its legs and was a right ole state
His neck was twisted down
So i cleaned it up and freed his legs an wings but his neck was still crooked and the toes were inwards
Now i find it so hard to kill them it makes me feel sick
so here is what i done

I found a roll of 2 inch masking tape and stood the chick in the middle of this so as he tried to stand he would be supported
where as with the roll he just fell on his side and could not get up

After two hours i went back and he (or she) was standing inside the reel of tape and lifting the head up so i gave him
some water an stood him back in the tape roll

After another hour he had got out of the tape a
and was standing with the others in the brooder
What do you think of that

maybe i could patent this idea and be super rich ??????????

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