Disabled Iraq War Vet's vehicle vandalized...

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    I was very dismayed to read this in our local paper today just days before Veteran's Day. No matter what your opinion is on this or any other war, these Veterans volunteered to risk their lives for their country and should not be subjected to this type of insult.
    I for one am very thankful for the service of all Veterans throughout the history of this country and respect them for all they have done.

    Marine's SUV vandalized


    York, PA - Disabled Marine Anthony Gurreri tries to shelter his daughters from the harsh realities of fighting in Iraq.

    But when he awoke to the word "killer" etched and painted on his family's SUV Monday in West York, it was impossible to hide from the girls.

    "They don't understand what he went through," Stacie Gurreri, Anthony Gurreri's wife, said of their children, ages 5 and 10. "For someone to call their dad a killer is hurtful."

    When the Gurreris went to bed about midnight, their 2003 Yukon Denali was parked in the driveway. By 6 a.m. Monday, when Stacie Gurreri got up for work, the car has been damaged on all sides.

    Spray paint on the hood read "Go back to Iraq and kill more women and kids," and "muder" -- a misspelling of "murder" -- was scrawled on the driver-side door. The back window was shattered, the frame bent skyward, and all four tires were slashed.

    From the back it seemed like a random act, but once she read the messages on the hood, Stacie Gurreri started to cry.

    Anthony Gurreri, who suffers from seizures, has been home from Iraq for four years. Some neighbors know he served, but it's not something they talk much about, Stacie Gurreri said.

    "Why all of a sudden after four years of being home?" she said.

    The Gurreris have insurance to pay for the damage, but they can't take back what the children saw.

    "It's a side I don't expose my kids to," Stacie Gurreri said. "They just know he went and fought for their country. To them, he's just Daddy."

    Note ~ Please do not make this into a Political Discussion about the right or wrong of the war(s) or I will request that the thread be closed.
    Thank you.
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    Find the vandals and punish them like every other vandal. But it is BS and personally, I see it as a hate crime and the vandals should be punished at that level.
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    The only way I can keep this family friendly is to say [​IMG] to any jerk that would vandalize a Vets car like that. Idiots!
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    geez, I don't even know what to say to that, besides whoever did that, I hope they don't breed... [​IMG]

    on a much happier Veteran's Day note, this past weekend, citizens of our town and patriot guard banded together and successfully blocked funeral protestors from the family of a fallen soldier. phelps' cronies gave up and had to go home.


    eta to say: not discussing rights/wrongs of war here, won't touch that one with a 10 ft. pole. but war veterans deserve respect.
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    That is reminiscent of the Vietnam era, when men were spat upon when they came back home. [​IMG]
  6. Quote:[​IMG]
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    I won't go into my opinions on the war (though with me, it's not too hard to find out. [​IMG] ), but this is just wrong. Whether the war is right or not, this man put his life on the line, and all these jerks give him in return is vandalism?! I have a friend in the National Guard, and if anyone did that to him, they would regret it. It's one thing to voice your political standpoint respectfully and make your point; it's quite another thing to VANDALIZE a soldier's vehicle and call him a murderer.

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    I think we have been in the one of the longest periods of peace in our country for a long time. I was in grade school when the Vietnam Vets were coming home<wont say how long ago THAT was<g>. My parents and my parents parents and generations before that grew up during a war or in a time when people who served were looked upon with honor and respect. Children today havent seen that. Many who had been in service to our country have passed away who have been in major wars<WWI,WW2, Korean, Vietnam>. When these wars were going on, people sacrificed, pulled together as a nation, and pitched in, going without or scrimping for the war effort. Kids today dont understand that without this sacrifice of the past, they wouldnt have thier ipods, cellphones, freedom to go where they want without having to present papers............thats lack of respect in its truest form.

  9. Absolutely disgusting!!
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    Quote:I remember that too!

    I have plenty to say about all those wars and their reasons but I will refrain that hatred of war in another time. Like Sherman said "War is HELL". He's right. No matter what side they are on, Confederates and Unions, they ALL had to obey their orders and their reasons but war is war. In times of peace, we need to step above and beyond to see the reasonings for the hidious act they did but acted out by their orders from superiors.

    It is so disrespectful and so undigified to deface any veteran's property and his family. I hope they find this person or people responsible for that stupid act!

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