disappointing day


5 Years
Mar 13, 2015
they shipped my keets yesterday and got them today . on opening the box 3 dead 2 alive . 3 hrs. later only one alive . if I don't get any more will the one make it with out any mates .
I've never heard of shipping so few keets? Where did you get them? I've ordered hundreds of keets from JM Hatchery and never lost a one in shipping.
I got them from a place in PA all I am going to say its Lancaster ....... they are going to replace them . I sent them the pics of the deads ones to night . and ordered more . the night they sent them it got down to 29degs here in Cleveland Oh. god only knows how long they sat in some truck out side . and rode in the cold . the one that survived took some time under the light to come to but is doing good as long as I keep the mirror in there he thinks he has a body with him .
I agree that 5 is not enough to have shipped at one time. If the keets got that cold the remaining one may have a hard time a few days later so watch it closely.

If the keet survives it may do okay by itself as long as it is warm and has a mirror, It would be best to hold it as much as you can so it doesn't feel so alone. A feather duster that it can get under or a stocking hat that it can crawl into helps sometimes when I have a loner. Good luck.
it survived and I did put a mirror in there . its doing better and I should have the other new ones Tuesday morning

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