Discolored Shanks


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
We raise market chickens to show with our children every year.

We got 25 chicks from one farm and 25 chicks from a second farm

The chickens are 6 1/2 weeks old and weight approximently 5.5 pds to 6 pds

We started the chicks out on turkey starter for the 1st two weeks and then switched them to turkey finish with crimped corn. 2/3 turkey finish and 1/3 crimped corn.

The chickens are kept in a coop during the night and left out during the day into a fenced area with grass. We have wood shavings in the coop with plenty of space.The shavings are in good shape with the only problem being they get wet around their water feeders. (normal in our expiernce)

The chickens all seem healthy, have good activity during day and have been gaining weight right on schedule our only problem is the white shanks and wondered if there was any thing we could do to help the chickens.

About half of the chickens have white Shanks and the other half have orange. We wondered if it is in the breeding of the chicks or a deficinecy in half of the chicks. Judges grade down on this discoloration and we usually need every chicken to choose from to get our final pens. If help would be appreciated. We have 10 days to Show.
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Sounds like a genetic thing to me. While corn can cause some discoloration in the feathers, I'm not sure it would show up in young market chickens, and I've never heard of it affecting leg color.

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