Disease Spreading through the hen house

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    Feb 8, 2012

    I posted a Thread a week ago about my Battery Hen who was ill, who didnt seem to be eating or drinking and it looked like she had a absis in her throat. Her comb was going purple etc. She died this morning, R.I.P Sunshine.

    Now another chicken is going ill, I have not got a clue what disease it is but I really want to stop it before my chickens all get wiped out aswell as the chicks we have recently hatched. You can look at my old post for pictures. But the hen seems to be huddle, eyes closed, perched in the hen house. I cant see her comb going purple but I can see a change in it. I really want to stop this. So if you hae any idea what Disease it is and how I can cure it you may save my chickens/chicks. So please help me!!!

    Many Thanks, Lots of thanks I hope

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