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    @hennible @bamadude I dont know whwat is sooo endlessly amusing about the advertisements here some yeah but you guys seem to fixated on it lol...most of the time I ignore it lol you guys seem to watch it constantly
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    Jul 10, 2014
    Someone down our way is building a coup on a slope with a long narrow run and they are covering it with chicken wire because of the hawk. We have to cover our runs with black bird netting over the 6 feet high chain link fencing.
    We have moved all Orpingtons and Cochin Bantams into the new metal building and keeping back only a small band of each Fly-Ties, phoenix Bantans and a Phoenix out in their runs. The Orps and the Cochin Bantam s are in the 20X41 with runs in there. Way out here, way up here along the Blue Ridge Parkway, we have so many things to deal with. Black Bear, Fox, skunk, mink, weasels. raccoons, coyotes, mountain cats, hawk, and then there are all the animals the Stuart Zoo released not sure exactly when they did that.

    The Stuart Zoo was not in Stuart. The Zoo was closer to Lovers leap on 58. It did not take them long to find their way to the west side (less busy side) of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We dont know how long they live, we dont know how they find each other to mate. But I did see a slow moving Black cat like creature the size of a yearling Black bear but it wasnt a Black Bear as they were not moving around end of Feb first of Mar 2012. This place had sat empty since Spring 2008 till my hubby retired and we moved back to Virginia. I am from Virginia. We have spent well over 40 years moving around and sometimes we were not even in the states. So when we moved back here and I saw something cross the property I saw it, I could not believe what I saw. But I saw it. Early one morning before my youngest adult son was up. I saw a big Black Panther. Since the big cats were always my fav at any Zoo in the world way back when I was younger, I know how they move.
    I have not been a friend to Zoos since I left Arizona from move to another base. I did not like how they were housed and really stopped going to zoos. I went to that one because we were leaving the area and I wanted to give my boys more memories. Youngest started school there in Kindergarten and by 2nd grade rolled around he was home schooled. and said as we were leaving something about his 4 years there compared to our oldest who was graduating high school and his school memories.
    Big difference in their memories. Went to a zoo on our way out of state. Did not like way animals were housed.
    Do not like way Stuart Zoo released their animals into the wild. It is rare to see one but they are here on the west side of the parkway.
    So protecting the animals. Is a task and a slope even harder but it can be done.
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    well today if I get the chicken tractor chicken door finished I think I'll start working on the rose garden bed for my moms memorial rose garden
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    Jul 10, 2014
    Ah, you are a loving daughter. BTW saw the video, you use such respect and love And respect for a chicken when it gives its life to you in your hands. Even if it had not been your own chicken. If no one sent you an ovation may I?
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    My grandma loved loved loved roses and after she died my mom's rose bushes at the house I grew up in went absolutely nuts. I bet you'll have a little assistant getting your rose garden going ;)

    @ApiaryandAviary seriously, a black panther? They were always my favorite too and I don't think I would miss seeing that either - but yikes! to have one hunting in your backyard is rather scary.

    Well, regarding location for coop...yes if we do it on the slope we certainly can leave the gentle slope and have different sized posts to level it off. We were planning on this. I actually read in one of the many chicken books I checked out from the library that a gentle slope that is south facing is best. However, this area does not have tree coverage and I'm not yet familiar with which direction the worst winds come from here. I'll have to ask my neighbor, she's always outside gardening (she's 70 and puts me to shame in her activity)- she'll know. If we put the coop in the orchard it would be visible from the street and closer to our property line and thus closest to our nearest neighbor, where there is a hedge for a short barrier and then wide open for no visual or sound barrier for most of the property line (concerned about rooster noise level). There are dense trees on the west property line. We do have a gently sloping pasture (the one in the photo I posted earlier) along the roadside and our driveway, but again, it would be really visible from the road and not as much sun, and still no cover from trees. Maybe I'll take some pictures of the south slope area this weekend and post for you all to weigh in if you care too.
    I also remember a coop on BYC that is really nice that was on a significant slope - I think it's a reddish color and maybe called Rick's chick condo? Anyway, I really like that one, but I think our run will need to be bigger (can't remember his coop size...I'll have to go look it up now)...

    Turns out my 5 year old got the sniffles last night and didn't sleep well so I let her sleep in and DH took son to his game. Of course, this is the game (third week) where he scores 3 goals! I'm getting the play by play from DH but no videos! [​IMG]I'm so bummed I missed this game!!

    @Beer can

    How are your eyes? I have a pretty high pain tolerance - but not when it comes to my eyes. I hope they are well now. I'm guessing that there are some enzymes in the potatoes that help aid in healing...

    Happy Saturday! And Valentine's day (again)
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    Jan 26, 2014
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    Aug 12, 2014
    Upstate NY
    Eyes are fine, still not going to wear my contacts for a few days, might be more prone to infection, and my eyes don't feel like they want them in. I hate my glasses!
    Bama, I thought you just had Brahma's, you have some awesome looking chickens, those pics of the Marans make me want to get some (chicken math wife won't like it).
    How many do you have? You have Houdans also?
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    I am curious what the differences were, could you share?

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