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    @Alaskan Yep! I need to go back and see if there is an actual button to "like" it. It's well done. I've only been to Alaska once - it was September 2013 and my husband and I were fishing out of King Salmon. I though it was a majestic, incredible place - but I can not imagine living there. The cold in the winter and the bugs (at every other time) are merciless! But it is very beautiful and I love the open spaces and fishing next to brown bears while they were fishing for salmon (us for trout) was awesome!
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    Bama, isn't that a bit mean? Kind of like naming a dumb kid Einstein, or a slow kid Usain.

    We did some hard core plant related shopping today. Wen't to 5 stores with garden departments. I think we picked up about 30 different kinds of seeds, and also some materials for a sprouting system. The evening was spent putting the sprouting system together, and making pizza and watching a movie.

    Here's how the sprouting system turned out.



    We built it with 5 sprouting boxes now, but we can easily add some more if needed. The idea is that the lowest box collects water. Above that, you first place the soaked grains, and every day you add one layer on the bottom (once it's going we'll have all the boxes filled at different stages). You pour water in the top box, from there it trickles down through each layer into the collecting box on the bottom. I'll get better pictures once we've gotten it going properly.

    The boxes have 3mm holes in the bottom, with 6mm holes in the lids drilled in the same spots. The sides have 10mm holes for airflow, and in the ends we cut large 70mm holes to let even more air through so that it won't develop mold.
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    My run is made into a slope. You can check out my coop and run page links are in my signature. I don't know if it will help you or not in you slope but it may give you an idea of what you could do.
    Best wishes to you in keeping chickens. It doesn't all come at once, but eventually the respectful culling of the chickens gets easier. My dso does the culling but if I had to I know I could and would for those who really need it.
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    Nice sprouting boxes vehve
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    @chickwhispers Thank you, somehow I found your coop before and love it. I hadn't noticed before that it was sloped.

    Brush hog just got dropped off until Monday - yay! DH is working on the nasty southern slope - hardest work so far due to the slope I think. We'll know the terrain better once the brambles are knocked down.

    Nice system @vehve . Curious to see how that goes...

    I'm guessing @Amberjem is outside working her tush off...
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    Jules, as am I. I hope it works, we did a dry run, or wet run really, and at first I managed to spill water all over the bathroom. So I drilled the holes in the lids a lot bigger, and after that it drains nicely. We might need a few more boxes still though, if we want to have sprouts to feed every day. But we should get a good idea of how it works like this.
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    @bamadude thought about you this afternoon, we went out to mclains for brunch, coming back about a six point ran out in front of us, we missed him but he didn't make it across the southbound lane, i didn't look but heard the car hit him should have kept his butt in the woods
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    Hen? Roo?
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