do chickens get hiccups?


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Mar 21, 2015
My cornish cross that has been sounding like a horn recently when it breathes now is acting like it has hiccups help please
one of my cornish cross sounds like it is doing hiccups too. Iy could also be sneezing. I have 5 and it is really hot and humid today and they are all panting loudly. They are about 7 weeks old. I have put some electrolytes in their water. I will go and check on them again in about an hour. They also have very watery poo. I am thinking they are probably too hot, especially as they are getting so big. I don't think I will be doing cornish cross again they aren't natural. The 3 other chicks asian blues that are the same age are not having any problems and are behaving normally.
Sometimes chickens can get a little something caught in their throats and it swells a little and they can sound this way. Hopefully it will go away soon.

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